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Destiny's Forge To Taste The Dragon's Blood Red Dragon The Queen's Marksman A Pirate's Daughter Nagrasanti
Written In Blood Swords of The Dragon's Blood A Bad Night In Soledad The Mystery of Cranewood Manor Tap Root


A Book of Five Rings - A Practical Guide to Stratedy by Miyamoto Musashi The 10% Solution - Simplifying The Tax Code in The New Economy The Most Important Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century Principles of Publishing In The Digital Age In My Considered Opinion

My books can be bought on Barnes & Noble, Powell's Books, Vroman's, Books A Million and many other on and offline book stores. Ask for them at your local book store.
More nonfiction books coming:
The Best SF B Movies of The 20th Century ♦The Best Fantasy Films of The 20th Century
Therri's Treasures
My jewelry site, featuring pieces I designed and made by hand.

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Where I Will Be:

Feb 13-15
Gallifrey One: 26

LAX Marriott Hotel,
Los Angeles, CA
March 7-8
Tulare Sci-Fi Con II

Int'l Agro-Center
Tulare, CA
March 13-15
ConDor 2015

Town & Country Resort
San Diego, CA
April 26
Bead Society

Memorial Auditorium
Culver City, CA
May 8-10

Airtel Plaza Hotel
Burbank, CA
May 22-24

Hyatt Regency Hotel
Santa Clara, CA
June 12-13
Gem & Jewelry Show

Lodi Grape Festival &
Harvest Fairgrounds
Lodi, CA
June 27-28
Fiesta of Gems

Veterans Memorial
Culver City, CA
July 2-5
Westercon 68

Town & Country Hotel
San Diego, CA
Aug 19-23
WorldCon 73

Spokane Convention Ctr
Spokane, WA
Nov 27-29
LosCon 42

LAX Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles, CA
More shows will be added to this calendar as they are planned.

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