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My publishing company, featuring my latest books (click on an image to see more details):
Destiny's Forge To Taste The Dragon's Blood Red Dragon The Queen's Marksman A Pirate's Daughter Nagrasanti Written In Blood Swords of The Dragon's Blood
A Bad Night In Soledad
The Mystery of Cranewood Manor Tap Root A Book of Five Rings - A Practical Guide to Stratedy by Miyamoto Musashi The 10% Solution - Simplifying The Tax Code in The New Economy The Most Important Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century Principles of Publishing In The Digital Age
New Nonfiction Books
Titles in the works to be published 2014 through 2017:
The Best SF B Movies of The 20th Century ♦ The Best Fantasy Films of The 20th Century ♦ The History of Los Angeles
Alchemy Through The Ages ♦ The Mad Scientist's Cookbook

Therri's Treasures
My jewelry site, featuring pieces I designed and made by hand.

pins and brooches
Pins &
hair jewelry
Hair Jewelry

Show Calendar

A red asterisk ( * ) means I will be selling in person.
July 24-27

Art Show
San Diego, CA
* Oct 25-27
The Ultimate
Women's Expo

Los Angeles, CA
*Nov 28 - 30:
Loscon 41

Los Angeles, CA
2015: * Feb 13 - 15
Gallifrey One: 26

Los Angeles, CA
Dealer's Room
More shows will be added to this calendar as they are planned.

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