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Effective: 04.03.2017
This notice is subject to change.

1. I publish and sell paperback books and ebooks at the retail level only. For wholesale orders please contact Ingram Content Group. The paperback books are printed and shipped directly from the printer within 7-12 business days for US orders, or 10-15 days for international orders. You can also order them from your local bookstore. To find one in your area, simply go to and use their store locator.
     I also deliver digital files of our ebooks direct to your email inbox once payment is received and processed, usually within 18 to 24 hours. The default format is PDF. At this time I am not selling EPUBs directly. Please use the links provided for each title.

2. I will not divulge the details of your account to any third party except by Federal subpoena, nor will I share your personal information with advertisers. Your financial information is kept for record keeping and tax purposes ONLY.

3. Please use the PayPal buttons to order. If you use a credit card via PayPal, Your statement will show the charge as paid to: TM Moore. In all cases, if your card is declined I cannot fill your order. It takes about 24 hours to process and confirm your payment.

4. Sales tax: I do not collect sales tax but remit it out of pocket at the end of the year as a courtesy to my customers.

5. Shipping: I offer free shipping to the United States for the printed books regardless of the total dollar amount in your order. International shipping is determined by dollar amount. PayPal has this data on file and cannot deviate from the settings. I do not ship to countries which are affected by wartime conditions. All shipping times are estimates and not guarantees, as they may be affected by factors over which I have no control, including the weather, an incorrect delivery address or other delivery restrictions. You should receive your purchase within 7-15 business days depending on the destination. I am not responsible for loss or damaged shipments as the conditions of delivery are also beyond my control. Please report your loss or damaged shipment to me and I will file a complaint with the shipper on your behalf.

6. Returns: To return a printed book, simply mail it directly back for a replacement or refund to this address:

4744 Noble Avenue,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-2012.

7. Refunds: No refund will be granted without a return. Please do not request a refund through PayPal. I will set up the refund to ensure you get the funds back as soon as possible once we receive your returned book(s). If there is any irregularity with the return I will notify you. Ebooks are not returnable, so no refund will be granted.

8. Due to time constraints I prefer to deal by email. All questions, suggestions, comments and notices should be sent to: I will answer each email as soon as possible, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Emails received will be responded to in the order they are received. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Abusive emails will not be responded to.

I do not have a physical store, so all of my business is conducted on the internet.

I hope your online shopping experience is quick, easy, and pleasant. Thank you for your attention. -- Theresa M. Moore

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