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BOOK: 392 pages, 6x9 paperback.
Catalog no. 001  ISBN 978-1-938752-93-3
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Destiny's Forge A stranger from another planet is headed to Earth, to search for an ancient enemy of the state who has been condemned on her world. Through a quirky turn of fortune she winds up serving on the military starship IFDC Destiny's Forge, where the crew is haunted by murder and sabotage. Over time she becomes a catalyst for change, and soon learns that the fate of two worlds has been placed in her hands. She is determined to honor her contract with the Council of Elders on her home world. But her fate is changed by destiny when another takes her place and ends a centuries old feud. ♦

About the book: The first in a series of novels telling the story of the Xosan, a race of alien vampires from the constellation Cygnus and a planet called theresammoore. They had visited Earth before in the prehistoric past, but did not contribute anything significant to the development of mankind. They were human, but were transformed by a sentient virus they called "the dragon's blood", and their entire culture was centered around it, after a natural disaster befell their planet millions of years ago.
   This book is the culmination of a series of short stories written during the 1980s and 90s, unified into a single novel.

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